Welcome to this WonderCMS website

This website is here to demonstrate various functionality and appearances of the tiny CMS platform WonderCMS. It is hosted by Öppet Moln, which is a website in Swedish dedicated to spreading the word about open source software and open source platforms.

It is also quite possible that you may sometimes see broken things here since Joaquim Homrighausen sometimes works on WonderCMS plugins and WonderCMS themes here. If something looks broken when you visit this website, please be patient, it is typically fixed before long.

This website runs on PHP 8.1.25 with 16MB32MB of memory. It is hosted by WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB, a Swedish provider of GDPR safe SaaS and other Internet solutions since 1998.

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And all of this, is with one of the smallest no-database CMS platforms out there, WonderCMS! :-)

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